Monday, March 7, 2011

Featha & Leatha

now in..celebrity make up artist Edin Carpenter (and best friend) featha & leatha hair extensions! Hers are so sick... bright or colored feathers mixed with leather new favorite. These are $25 a bundle, each bundle has between 4-7 feathers/leather mix, and any salon in the area will clamp them in for around $5. They last for months, can wash/dry/straighten ect. These are hot!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

new pieces in the Truckee shop!

Some of the newest pieces in the Truckee shop. Crazy busy weekend, sold out of half of this!

my stylish customers

I met this girl the other day when she stopped into Dressed in Truckee. Right away, I knew she had amazing style, and she went right for the cutest stuff in the store... then I found her blog and she posted some amzing pics of her rockin her new dressed purchases...she is adorable and is a jewelry designer, hopefully some of her pieces will be in Dressed soon, will post when we get them in! For now, check her and her blog out!

the basics....

where we began...
dressed is my women's clothing boutique, we have two locations. One in Truckee, CA and one in Harbor Springs, MI. I started doing this 6 years ago in a small town in Northern Michigan where I was raised. Ive been in the retail business my whole life, starting out working for my parents in their amazing French country antique store, L'Esprit ( ventured to college for a bit in interior design, got over that and then working at numerous clothing stores around the area. In 2004, my parents suggested I try my own store, renting a room from them in one of their stores. The first Dressed was in a little 400 square foot space inside of L'Esprit, far off the main strip of Harbor Springs, and we did amazing the first summer! Harbor is basically just a summer resort town, booming with wealthy vacationers from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Problem was, there was nothing really fun and AFFORDABLE in the town, so that's where I came in. The store grew, and eventually we moved to an amazing location right downtown, where we have been for 6 years. The store is my baby, I love going to work everyday, love my employees, local and seasonal customers, everything about it. Summer is amazing in the tip of the mitt. Winter...however.... slows waaaay down. I still have my locals and a few busy weekends, but after 5 years of sitting for days without customers, something had to change for me. Then comes in my amazing boyfriend, Trevor. He is from the area, but had been coming out to the Lake Tahoe area for the last five years...I came to visit... and I was hooked. The Truckee store was born. I will always love my first store the most, it got me where I am, but Truckee is great because its busy year round, a larger population, stylish women young and old everywhere, great music scene, sun, mountains, i could go on forever. I have found my niche here, and am so blessed to be able to call two of the most beautiful places on earth my homes. I go back to Michigan 2-3 times a year to visit family, help the store, and remember where I came from. This blog is something to share with my friends, family and most of all my wonderful customers who inspire me everyday.... you can see where i get my ideas and style from...and keep up on all the new ideas and fashion coming to you in Dressed everyday... you can shop most of the looks on our website,